Each of our programs is designed as a two hour subject block that can be combined with any other program to create a unique learning experience that can last from 2 to 18 hours over a weekend.

Are you a new shooter or simply interested in learning the basics of self defense?  Build an 8 hour day consisting of:

  • Program Fundamentals
  • Intro to Combat Pistol
  • Intro to Tactical Combat Casualty Care
  • Move and Shoot Basics

Looking for something more advanced?  ​
Create a specialized course for one or two days from our Advanced Programs that you can't get any place else.  Your first day might include:

  • Move and Shoot Obstacle Course
  • Tactical Breaching
  • Advanced Close Quarter Combat 
  • Rappelling and Fast Rope

Are you ready for the next level?  
Test your endurance and tactics in our Ground Combat School and Urban Warfighter Qualifications to see how you match up against some of our best students including law enforcement and military special operations personnel. 
Training designed  to suit your skill level and needs